Bassetlaw Swim Squad Support FoYPiB

Bassetlaw Swim Squad give money raised from a recent raffle to FoYPiB.

A total of £214 was raised from a recent raffle held by Bassetlaw Swim Squad which they agreed to donate to Focus on Young People in Bassetlaw. 

Michael Glossop head of Performance Swimming said:  

“All proceeds of the raffle will go to our charity partner-FoYPiB. It is important for BSS to recognise the amazing work FoYPiB does for other young people in Bassetlaw. We want to give back to the people who helped us during our infancy to make a real, visible difference in our community”. 

Noelle Barron, Development Manager of the charity commented: 

“On behalf of the Trustees of FoYPiB we would like to say a huge thank you to Bassetlaw Swim Squad, all members, parents, coaching staff and volunteers. The club offers incredible opportunities to young people in the locality, supporting them to reach goals and achieve their full potential”. 

FoYPiB awards Grants to young people that need support to succeed in their chosen activity. 

It also supports clubs and organisations to facilitate activities and projects. 

For criteria and information on how to apply please go to:  Apply for a Grant

For more information about Bassetlaw Swim Squad go to: 


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