Understanding the Process

Please ensure that you read and understand what is required before submitting an application.

Complete the application form online and send it to us. Send it in plenty of time, if you are working to specific timeframes. Please see the deadlines stated on the website.

We will email you to confirm receipt of your application. If your application form is incomplete, we will contact you. If it is not received back in time for the meeting it will be held and put forward to the next scheduled meeting.  We may contact you with any questions or requests for further information. Additional information must be submitted within 4 weeks of the meeting date. The Development Manager may arrange to make a visit to see how your club/ organisation operates

You will be notified via email of any decisions made. If you are successful in obtaining a grant you will be sent an email confirming the amount, together with our terms and conditions of the award. You are required to sign and return this to us prior to any monies being paid.

You will be required to return a signed copy of our terms and conditions within 14 days of receipt of the award notification. Failure to do so may jeopardise your award.

 The funding award will need to be spent within 12 months of payment.

At the end of your project we will ask you to complete an End of Grant Monitoring Form. This will tell us how the grant was spent and what was achieved with it. We may ask to see any associated receipts. Photographs and feedback reports are requested for each project undertaken. These may be used on our website/Facebook page.

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