Focus Fest Stream Park

Focus Fest is an online festival which will take place on Tuesday 25th May.  The online Stream Park by Joel Hall from Inspire Youth Arts has been design led by a committee of young people from Bassetlaw.   The online Festival will include an array of performances recorded ‘as live’ and streamed online on the evening of Tuesday 25th May.  If you are aged between 8 and 25 and would like to get involved in Focus Fest please Contact Us

Focus Fest is a festival that will take place at an interactive digital park via the Stream Park Digital Events Platform on the 25 May 2021 from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. with the main stage starting at 7 p.m. Working in partnership with Inspire Youth Arts, arts professionals will assist a team of young people in producing their own festival through the planning, production, and evaluation stages. The purpose of the event is to give young people across Bassetlaw an opportunity to show their skills, talents, and attributes. The project is designed to help young people develop personally, increasing skills that prepare them for life and future employment.

The main ‘Welbeck Abbey’ stage starts at 7 p.m. and has some amazing acts from across Bassetlaw.  Theres, songs, musicians, actors, a band and much much more!

Focus Fest will take place in virtual reality at Stream Park The platform has an events page, virtual box office, and a virtual park.  The virtual box office allows visitors to sign up by email and receive a personalised password which grants them access to the park on the day of the festival.  Tickets are just £2 and available to buy by clicking this link!  

The festival is a great platform for young people to showcase their skills and passion for the arts.  For more information about Focus Fest or to make a donation to support the work we do please  Contact Us

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