AJ’s Cambodia Campaign!

13 year old ‘AJ’ successfully applied for a small grant from FoYPiB to help fund a trip of a lifetime to Cambodia in 2025.

AJ started her funding application to Focus on Young People in Bassetlaw highlighting some of the amazing things she will be doing on her trip and the life skills that she will learn.

“I have been lucky enough to secure a place on a 4 week long volunteer expedition to Cambodia in 2025. This once in a life time opportunity is run by Camps international. On the trip, I’ll be living with and supporting the local communities on sustainable environmental projects and conservation projects to help protect wildlife. I could be helping to build homes and classrooms or even installing clean water sources to supply a whole village. 

This trip will not only help the local communities but also provide me with some valuable life skills such as: 
• Learning basic construction 
• Learning to be more independent 
• Leadership/Team skills 
• Time management 
• Communication 
• Strong work ethic 
• Discovering new cultures 

However, I have to fundraise to pay for my own trip/kit and it is going to cost £4720.  This trip would really help with my anxiety and low self-esteem. Also with my mental wellbeing.  My father was KIA in Afghanistan“. 

We then found out that she had started a ‘Go Fund Me’ page and been accepting donations of clothes that she had been selling on.  At that point she had raised £896!

To boost funds, she arranged a psychic night and is also arranging a coffee morning.   

AJ is also getting crafty to help raise funds for her chance of a lifetime trip.  She has made sweet cones for Halloween and has an array of Christmas crafts on the go which she will be selling at a local Christmas Fair in December.  These include, Hot Chocolate Reindeer, Elf Keys, Santa Keys, Santa’s Driving License, Magical Reindeer Food and Grinch Dust to name a few.

When AJ found out she had been awarded the funding from Focus on Young People in Bassetlaw, she posted on Facebook:

“We have had some great news from an organisation called Focus on Young People in Bassetlaw and after letting them know everything that I am doing to raise money towards my expedition and sending them lots of photos of everything I have line up, their board of trustees has agreed to award me a grant of £155!  How amazing is that?  I am so, so grateful.  This will go a long way to helping me achieve my goal!”

We look forward to finding out how AJ gets on with her fundraising and indeed, her trip of a lifetime in 2025.

If you have a project we may be able to help you with, check the criteria and if eligible complete the relevant application form which we will then present to the board of trustees at their next meeting.


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