Young Volunteers Present Quiz


Two amazing young people from Outwood Post 16 in Worksop were interested in volunteering opportunities the charity had to offer, so a meeting was set up with the Development Manager, Noelle Barron.  Noelle asked if they would like to present for the charity at the annual Quiz Night by reading the quiz questions?  She said they would be emailed the questions a week beforehand, so they could practice.  The two young people agreed they would love to do this!

The 2 young ladies presented the quiz questions to a very high standard and were given praise by numerous people about how clearly, they had delivered the questions.  Noelle was very impressed and even invited the young ladies to be the presenters at their next big event, Focus on You, which showcases Young People’s Talent at North Notts Arena, to which they happily accepted. 

One of these young ladies has had quite a few issues in the last couple of years and used to get very anxious in social settings especially when focus was on her, however she has worked really hard to overcome this.  This opportunity really boosted her confidence and she actually enjoyed being in the “spotlight” and is excited about being a presenter at Focus on You. 

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