The charity assisted a young teenager who needed help funding his Karting passion.  As Focus on Young People in Bassetlaw is a small grant giving charity, we were able to help him with a new set of tyres for his kart.

We recently asked his Mum for an update on his progress, this is what she said:

"Andrew is now competing at PF International circuit, home of the British, European and World Championships.  He continues to compete in the IAME X30 catagory but has moved to Senior level, competing in grids with British Champions.  This has been a big change and huge learning curve which he has, as always, worked hard at and shown great commitment too.  He started out on Novice plates as a new track and a moved to senior meant he needed to gain experience.  He progressed quickly, taking home two 1st place novice trophies, and is now off his novice plates.

Andrew has applied for his National competition licence as he has now completed all the requirements.  This will allow him to enter the British Championships if he can secure further sponsorship.
Andrew has continued to run his car washes to earn money to put towards karting costs and has also branched out into coaching drivers, kart set up and doing mechanics for other Karters, regularly working weekend, again to help with the costs of racing.  He has been really successful in his driver coaching and kart set up, helping a fellow Karter progress and take home a 1st place podium!
Andrew has been choosen as a Sporting Ambassador for Nottinghamshire and recognised as a Talented Athlete under their Local Communities Fund.  He is feeling incredibly proud of this!"

To see him in action, please click the You Tube link below:

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